Welcome to my internet space

Hello, I'm Trivernis, a german software developer, working on way too many projects at once. My pronouns are he/they. I primarily use Rust because it's just the best programming language.

Dynamically generated by GitHub readme stats. It displays my total stars earned, total commits, PRs, issues and repositories. Dynamically generated by GitHub readme stats. It displays my most used languages. At the time of writing this it's rust with 53%.

Some Projects


A media management tool written in Rust and Angular. It uses tags to sort images into categories and can be run fully headless. Furthermore it can be run in a classic server-client fashion as well as a single desktop application.


A discord bot written in Rust. It provides commands for playing music, searching for xkcd comics, finding image sources etc.


A Rust libary to get a generic representation for any rust type. The library features a derive trait to create a rusty value from any type. The value can be inspected by using match expressions.


A Rust library to store all traits alongside a dynamic value. Usually dyn types in rust only support one non-marker trait since the fat pointer representation of a dyn type only includes one pointer to the data and one pointer to the v-table of the trait. This libary creates even fatter pointers for trait objects to store multiple v-table pointers alongside a data pointer. This way you can create dyn objects that are both Clone and Debug. Also this libary is super unsafe.


A custom markdown flavour with a parser and html renderer written entirely in Rust.

And there's even more on my Git and GitHub...